The Stanley's 
December 2020
I'm Jacob Stanley the photographer. I'm married to Ariel, and together we have 3 beautiful children. Joy is the eldest, Rachel the cute ginger, and little Sari, who in this photo is in Ariel's tummy. 
This is my side business, I love it. For my day job I work at Eastside C3 Church, serving in a mixed role of events, pastoral and graphics design work.  
The love of photography started when I was 20 years old, living in Sydney. After filling up my cellphone with photos, I bought myself a cheap DSLR (a very old, cheap camera) and I was hooked. I remembered some advice my grandpa had given me, started a blog and took photos of everything. 
Things have evolved from hobby to job, but my passion is still the same; capturing beautiful, authentic moments of connection and emotion. 
I love the genuine stuff, and I work hard to achieve images that truly represent the people in them.
Our slogan at Stanley Pictures is "To Capture Love" which really encompasses everything we do. I love to photograph the sacred moments, real and raw.
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