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Hey There! Thanks for stopping by. I'm Jacob, husband to the beautiful Ariel Stanley, father to a baby daughter that steals our hearts and a keen photographer. I'm the Photographer at Stanley Pictures, Ariel takes care of the accounts, and if you're lucky you might meet Eugene who makes wedding films for us. 
For me it all started when I was a young bible college student at C3 College in Sydney. After filling up my cellphone with photos, I bought myself a cheap DSLR at a local market and I was hooked. I remembered some advice my grandpa had given me, started a blog and took photos of everything. 
Ever since I have been making images and video, capturing beautiful, authentic moments of connection and emotion. I love the genuine stuff, and I work hard to achieve images that truly represent the people in them.
Our slogan at Stanley Pictures is "To Capture Love" which really encompasses everything we do. I love to shoot Weddings, Engagements, Families and especially Anniversary sessions. 
To see some of the different shoots I've done, please click the 'Galleries' tab.
If you have any questions we would love to help, don't hesitate to send us a message below and Ariel or I will get back to you within 24hrs. 

Recently we took baby Joy on holiday to Italy! You can see our travel photos here:
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