At the start of May we embarked with our 9 month old baby Joy on a 16-day bucket-list holiday to Italy. After about 6 months of reading, planning and booking we settled on the following destinations. We picked places that would be the right balance of interesting and restful, and would work well having a baby. 
We stayed solely in AirBNB accomodation and aimed for minimum 5 nights-a-place so that the trip would remain restful. We also rented a car for the first time which made the trip really easy and we felt like the country was so much more accessible to us. 
We started with Tuscany, a beautiful countryside accomodation with wonderful homestay-style hosts. We stayed 7 nights here, and we did day trips from Tuscany to Florence, Chianti and Small Medieval towns in the surrounding area. We also went for a night in Venice, but seeing as it was only 3 hours drive, we left most of our stuff in Tuscany for the night. 
From Tuscany we drove down past Assisi to the Amalfi Coast. We stayed in a beautiful holiday home here for 5 nights which was not enough. It was wonderful.
We then finished our trip in Rome, where we did a few tours around the Colosseum and Vatican Museums, which, to be honest I thought was going to be amazing, but they were kind of just ok. The best part of Rome was cruising around on our hired bikes. 

1. Venice. Venice blew my mind, it is one of those places you just have to see in person. I thought it wouldn't live up to the hype, but for me it far exceeded it. 
2.  San Gimignano. This place was a medieval time-warp! It was so cool to step in to what felt like 700 years ago.  It also had beautiful countryside views and a really nice feel.
3. Amalfi. Hands-down favourite experience. The small towns along the coast were far more pleasant and local that I had anticipated. we stayed near Minori, in a spot called Mamorata. There is a town up the hill called Ravello which was lovely too. We hired a boat here and drove ourselves to Capri for a day of swimming. This was surreal.  

I hope you enjoy the photos, I will add the occasional caption to explain where we are :)
Our first place in Tuscany -

On the way to Venice!

Back to Tuscany
Exploring San Gimignano
Day trip to Florence (still staying in Tuscany)
Amalfi Coast // Our Favourite
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