Here are a few answers to commonly asked questions

1. I hate photos, and I hate posing, can we just do candid?
Yes! (kind-of) One thing I try really hard to do is help you guys relax and enjoy the photos, so If I'm doing my job right, It won't be awkward, but it will actually feel natural and a whole lot of fun! - If you're still not sure, many of my past clients comment on this aspect on the reviews page :)

2. Can we meet before booking so I know what you are like?
Yes! I totally understand why you would want to do this, so if you fill the enquiry form on the weddings page, we can organise a video call with your partner. 

3. How will I receive my photographs?
We deliver via a beautiful online gallery, with a secure and personalised link, for you to view, download and share.
We also send a custom USB stick packaged with some small prints. 

4. Who is Stanley Pictures?
Jacob is the main photographer, Ariel (Jacob's beautiful wife) is in charge of the finances (naturally). We also have some videographers - Sho and Eugene - who sometimes work for us.

5. Do you offer videography?
Yes we offer videography through our contractors - they are really good and a more affordable option. Talk to us for more information.

6. When will I receive my photographs?
A few days after your Wedding you will receive a 'sneak peak'.
Within 6-8 weeks after your wedding day I will have a full online gallery sent your way. 

7. Do you charge for travel?
I include travel in the package hours, I estimate from the time I leave my home in Christchurch to the time I return, and fit that into the appropriate package. 

8. Do we have rights to print our photos?
Yes you do and please do make some prints! Photos come to life when they get printed.
The only thing you can't do is sell them for profit or supply them straight to vendors - they need to contact me for that.

9. Can I get albums or framed prints through you?
Yes absolutely - my prices are on the weddings page.

10. Can I see the albums you make and design?
Sure can! I'll bring one when we meet for coffee

10. Do you do engagement shoots and pre wedding shoots? 
Yes. We love them. There are a few on our website. 

11. What does the booking process look like?
It's very straight forward. First you fill out the form on the weddings page, I'll call you or email if you prefer. Then I'll send you an online quote through my booking system. If you accept the quote with the packages and products chosen by you, a contract, questionnaire and invoice will show up. 
We'll get together for a coffee or video call a couple weeks before the wedding (or earlier if you like) and we can discuss the finer details of the day and the photo shoot.

For behind the scenes footage - check out our instagram!